Mireia Vidal

The love I have for fashion’s world started when I was 12 years old and since then just kept growing on.

I started sewing with my grandmother who encouraged me to learn it in a academy. One of our projects were to sew a kitchen apron and had so much success that after I sold plenty of them at the fairs around Catalonia where I was 14 years old. My mother and Family gave their support at any time To me which I appreciate a lot because the beginings are never easy.

Step by step I started doing collections of “Haute-couture” dresses and also unique tailored dresses. There was where I found my real passion: At the end of each collection I always included a bride, and the dress could be red or White, but I always ran away from the conventional, maybe with the shape, fabrics or pattern.

Perhaps it was just cohincidence but at that time Pretty much people started to ask me about bridal dresses, prom dresses and clothes to wear in a wedding. I was finshing my first year of university studying fashion design and then I just felt that was the moment, and that was it: I opened my first atelier in Barcelona. The first year was useful to create my first collection, worked so much to have the first clients and to push my dream forwards.

At the same time I had the opportunity to dress a presentor of a Price taking place in Girona which is gaven by the royal family of Spain. I asked the presentor if she could talk with them because I wanted to make a dress to the queen and thats what she did, and a few days later, exactly the day of my 18th Birthday I was flying with my mother to Madrid to bring a dress to her.

There was a change in my mind since I did my first fashion show in NYC. Once I’d been there my way to design and my ideas changed a Little bit but never losing the essence and my philosophy.

The following year I was able to change the location where I had my Project and I decided to take a different atelier closer to the center of Barcelona. I have to say that Barcelona is a city that inspires me a lot and I’ve met incredible people and also some special customers that I still keep in contact with them. There I stayed for one more year but for personal reasons I had to close that store. I love my dream and I Will always fight for it that’s why I opened my shop in Girona, my hometown. Here I am very happy because is where it all started and I have a lot of support of the people.

Every time I look back I get stronger and I belive more in me, sometimes is difficult but we have to fight for our dreams.

Many times people ask me: Why bridal dresses?

I always think about it and the main reason is that I am not doing just bridal dresses, I am building a dream, an illusion and a dress that Will remain in the memory of many people forever. Thats what I really like doing, there is so much behind a bridal dress and every woman is different and special and so are their dresses. My biggest concernis to find a shape and the perfect fabrics that make the bride feel special, sexy and beautiful. I love challenges and to achieve them.